The Travel Series

The Travel Series is a picture book series that shows families traveling abroad for the first time. The parents are excited to expose their kids to new adventures and new cultures. In each story the family members move away from the familiar at home to the unknown. Special family time, new friends and cultural differences teach all the members of each family that people everywhere are the same with a few heroes thrown in for fun. The stories are interactive so that the reader has the opportunity to think about what they would have done in the same situations. This Series will be illustrated by artists from the country the family visits. The Series currently features a family trip to Mexico (The Piñata Stick) and a family that decides to buy a vacation home in France (Rue No.4).

The Piñata Stick

Picture Book

A family decides it is important for their kids to see the world. They decide that their first trip will be a trip to Mexico. There the family finds that families and friends are alike all over the world and grandparents have the best things to share – traditions.

Rue No. 4

Chapter Book

A Chicago family decides to buy a house in a 500-person village in rural southwest France. Mom & Dad share the experience with their twin 10-year-olds, Alan and Deborah, and 6-year-old, Sally. The family must pool skills to handle all the new things they encounter for the new house. As a result, they gain a new understanding of themselves and the world around them. They learn about new friends and heroes too.

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Rue No. 4

Rue No. 4