The Stories

…include The Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series, (a trio of friends address everyday kid issues and go on magical adventures), The Tree of Life Series (stories that address current issues with a twist), The Grievance Series (giving kids the tools to handle death), The Children’s Travel Series (family travel adventures), and The Christmas Series (stories based in reality and a bit of Christmas magic). For a quick look at a few of the stories see below:

It Started with the Witch’s Spell

The Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series

Zoey moves to a new town in the summer and with no friends; it will be a very long summer indeed. Her next door neighbor has ideas about how to solve that problem and the adventures begin.

My Mother is an Immigrant

The Tree of Life Series

Joanna learns that her mother is Spanish, and this knowledge brings with it a whole discovery of belonging to another culture, bullying, and guardian angels.


I Talk to the Stars

The Grievance Series

Paul suffers a horrible loss and during the grieving process finds the tools to help him cope.

The Piñata Stick

The Family Travel Series

A family travels to Mexico on its first international vacation and discovers that while the food and customs may be different in different countries, that kids are the same everywhere.

My Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Series

A little girl must figure out how to make Christmas special for one of her village’s inhabitants, an old yellow dog, since the adults she knows seem too preoccupied to help.