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October 29, 2021: French Book Launch

Available in English in e-book, paperback, and hardcover
Available in French in paperback

October 29, 2021: Azille, France Book Signing

Inspiré Gallery in Azille is opening its doors to celebrate the launch of It Started with the Witch’s Spell. If you are not familiar with Angela Saunder’s gallery you are in for a treat.

10 am to 3 pm: The events will start with a children’s creativity workshop from 10 am to 3 pm, including a reading from Joanna, followed by an interactive joint story writing session, where words suggested by the kids will become part of a new story. The creativity will break only briefly for packed lunches, and then the afternoon will feature Joanna’s story, The Ogre Who Loved Carrots, performed by aspiring actors. For any children who would rather not act, help will be needed with props, encouragement of the actors, and other crucial roles. The day-long workshop will climax with a live performance of The Ogre Who Loved Carrots.

6 pm till: The evening will feature a Meet-the-Author Event. Over wine, of course, Joanne will talk about her book-writing journey, and her goal as an Author to provide thoughtful, personality-building, and slightly wacky stories for kids. Joanne wants her books to offer parents special quality time with their children, as well as the opportunity to talk about issues raised in the book, including moving to a new town, the importance of grandparents in a child’s life, and the importance of personality traits such as kindness, helping others in distress, courage, and exploring the world beyond their own town.

Matt Saunders has conducted wine tours for years, so you can bet the wine offering will be good. If you are in the Narbonne or Minervois area, contact Angela at Inspiré Gallery, 5 Rue de Grippis 11700 Azille France, at 06 42 68 42 35 for reservations.

Featured prints from the book’s wonderful illustrator, Anca Chelaru, will be on display and make fantastic Christmas gifts. Of course, signed copies of the book will be available in French and English.