Who’s who in my stories?


The Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series


8 when you first meet me


Mid length, red, with bangs/fringe

Best feature

I have a pretty good sense of humour

Worst feature

I guess I am a little on the short side

Are you afraid of heights?

I’m not afraid of anything


Joan of Arc

Mrs. G

The Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series


Think of a number, multiply it by 3, divide it by 2, take away 6 and you might be halfway right

Where were you born?

Kansas, like Dorothy. What do you mean you don’t know who Dorothy is? Go look her up. I will give you a clue, think Wizard of Oz.


It’s all my own you know

Best feature

Definitely my teeth

Worst feature

I forget spells. I mean recipes. I forget recipes. Don’t write the spell thing down.

Favorite color

Red, like my hair. No, yellow. No, red. No, yellow.

Can I choose both?

Special talent

I can levitate people. Does that count?


The Piñata Stick, The Travel Series


I am 8, the same age as my new friend Manuel


I am really good with computers. And I can remember all the words to songs.

Worst feature

I sing out of tune. But I don’t care, I still love to do it out loud.


Having adventures


When my little sister Meggie bugs me

Best outing

Easy. When my Dad takes me to Hooters and all the girls give me sweets. I really can’t understand why Mom doesn’t like it there.


I Talk to the Stars, The Grievance Series


I am 8

Best friend

Eagle, my horse

Best Features

My friends say that I am kind if they are sad

Worst feature

I have got a really bad temper


Horses, dogs, eagles, lions

Special talent

I know all the constellations

Favorite animal

I love all animals, but lions are the best. They are the king of the animals. Also, I am a Leo.


My Mother is an Immigrant, The Tree of Life Series


I am 10 years old

Best feature

I am very organized and get things done

Worst feature

Erm. Sometimes I get a little overexcited


Angels, cake and lemonade


Mean people

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

I wish I could go visit Spain one day


The Christmas Miracle, The Christmas Series


9, nearly 10

Best feature

My smile

Worst feature

Grown ups would say it’s not always doing as I’m told, but sometimes they tell me to do stupid stuff.




Grown ups

What keeps you awake at night?

I do worry quite a lot. I worry about people being unkind to each other. And what will happen to people that don’t have homes. I even worry about whether Christmas is real

Trudy Kringel

The Oldest Elf, The Christmas Series


52, but keep it quiet

Worst job you’ve ever had

Counting screws in the bicycle factory

Best job you’ve ever had


Favorite outfit

Jeans, stripey socks, elf hat

Favorite time of year

Summer. Only joking, it’s Christmas of course


Let’s fix this

Never without

My screwdriver